U. S. Congressman Lambastes Trump’s Comments on GERD


Addis Ababa October 24/2020 (ENA)  U. S Congressman Jason Crow has lambasted President Donald Trump’s comment about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

US President Donald Trump on Friday suggested that Egypt may destroy the GERD, during the announcement of a breakthrough normalization deal between Israel and Sudan.

“They’ll end up blowing up the dam. And I said it and I say it loud and clear — they’ll blow up that dam. And they have to do something,” Trump said.

Republican Jason Crow described the comment reckless and uninformed.

“The President’s comments about the GERD are reckless and uninformed – Ethiopia is a long-time ally of the U.S.,” Jason Crow tweeted.   

He also urged the U.S to act as an honest broker to ensure a sustainable diplomatic settlement and stop senseless foreign aid cuts.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Office today said in a statement that Ethiopia will not cave-in to aggression of any kind, nor does the country give recognition to right that is entirely based on colonial treaties.  

“Occasional statements of belligerent threats to have Ethiopia succumb to unfair terms still abound. This threats and affronts to Ethiopia sovereignty are misguided, unproductive and clear violation of international law,” the statement stated.