Ethiopia, Djibouti Ombudsmen ink Cooperation Agreement


Addis Ababa October 22/2020 (ENA) The Ombudsmen of Ethiopia and Djibouti have today signed an agreement aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation. 

Chief Ombudsman of the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman, Dr. Endale Haile and his Djiboutian counterpart, Dr. Kasim Esak signed the agreement in Addis Ababa.

The deal includes cooperation in capacity building, good governance, democracy and peace building efforts.  

Chief Ombudsman, Dr. Endale said on the occasion that besides enhancing the Ombudsmen of the two countries to work together in the area of good governance and democracy, the agreement will also contribute to further expand the bilateral relations of the countries.

Dr. Kassim stated on his part that the deal will help the two nations to exchange experts and experiences as well as provide trainings aimed at strengthening the capacity of the respective Ombudsmen.

Ensuring good governance, the rule of law, citizens’ rights and benefits are some of the objectives of the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman.