Ethiopia Launches COVID-19 Nat’l Cohort Study


Addis Ababa October 21/2020 (ENA) A one-year COVID-19 National Cohort Study that involves 45 scientists from local universities, international research institutes, and foreign universities was launched today at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPI). 

Over 90 million Birr is allocated for the cohort study that is aimed to determine the natural history of the disease, clinical features, management and epidemiological characteristics of the virus.

EPI Director-General Dr. Ebba Abate told journalists that the study will help the country’s policy decision regarding the management, spread, and control of the Coronavirus.

Virus Research Director and Study Coordinator of the study, Saro Abdulahi said cohort studies are strong and provide solutions.

According to her, countries like China and Italy have also conducted cohort studies to know the level of Coronavirus in their countries and to assess the prevention ways in their context.

Similarly, in Ethiopia the ability to respond to treatments and interventions that improve the clinical outcome of COVID-19 infected patient will be determined.

Severity of the disease in different high risk groups, suppression of symptoms among COVID-19 patients due to medication and the practice of using herbal remedies as prophylaxis to prevent COVID-19 will also be assessed, the coordinator added.

Moreover, the socio-economic and psychological impacts of the disease, COVID-19’s impact on pregnancy and children are the other objectives of the study, it was learned.

State Minister of Health Dr. Dereje Duguma promised on the occassion that Ministry of Health will give all the needed support for the success of the study.