International Anti-Corruption Day to be celebrated across Nation


Addis Ababa October 21/2020 (ENA) International Anti-Corruption Day will be celebrated across Ethiopia until December 9, 2020, the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC) disclosed. 

The UN General Assembly declared 9th December as International Anti-Corruption Day, to be observed annually.

The objective of the Day is to create awareness about the negative effects of corruption and the need to prevent and fight it.

In Ethiopia, the day will be celebrated under the theme, “We shall speed up our journey of prosperity, by combating theft and impropriety through spearheading generation’s ethics building with a strong discipline!”

The commission held consultations with stakeholders on Tuesday in Adama town of Oromia Regional State to discuss on the implementation plan of the celebration.  

Ethics Building and Public Participation Director at the Commission, Haregot Abraha said on the occasion that various public organizations, government and higher education institutions will celebrate the Day.  

According to the director, a national steering committee has been formed to facilitate the overall event, while Ethics Liaison Units would coordinate the celebration of the Day in regions.  

Various events will to be carried out aimed at raising public awareness on the impact of corruption to national development, the need to prevent and fight it, the director further stated.  

The Day will be observed with the appropriate care to prevent the spread of COVID-19, FEACC said.  

Ethiopia marks this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day for 16th time, the commission pointed out in a statement.  

The government of Ethiopia has given a great deal of attention to fight corruption over the coming years.

The Federal Attorney General announced last August that it has designed a ten year plan aimed at retrieving 60 percent of the nation’s resources illegally stashed outside the country.

The plan intends to repossess billions of dollars illegally smuggled out of the country.