Nation to Establish Two Additional Regiments


Addis Ababa, October 19/2020( ENA)Ethiopia will establish two additional regiments that deter internal and external threats to the safeguard of the nations.
Defense Force Chief of Staff General Adem Mohammed, Deputy Chief of Staff and Head of Military Operations Lieutenant General Birhanu Jula briefed the press today about the reforms underway in the national army.

During the occasion, General Adem Mohammed said the regiments will be located  in Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar to independently protect the security of the country and bring sustainable peace.  

The new regiments are formed after peace and security threats were analyzed, the Chief of Staff said.

The move increases the number of regiments from four to six.     

Deputy Chief of Staff and Head of Military Operations Division at Ethiopian National Defense Force Lieutenant General Birhanu Jula said on his part rigorous security reform has been underway over the past two years in order to establish strong peacekeeping force equipped with modern technology to defend the country from any threat.