Political Parties Discuss Issues of National Concern


Addis Ababa October 15/2020 (ENA) Representatives of political parties operating in Ethiopia, including Prosperity Party President Abiy Ahmed, have discussed today various issues of national concern. 

The issues discussed focused on constitution and constitutionalism, the challenges and weaknesses of Ethiopia’s political structure as well as democratic election and current political contradictions.  

During the deliberations, the participants underscored the need for all round efforts to change the political history of Ethiopia that has still been revolving around conspiracy and labeling.   

The participants also stressed the importance of strong political parties that avoid nationalism and other outlook that create conflict and sow suspicion among the people; and instead get organized under political ideologies.

They further requested the government to expand the political space in the country.

President of the ruling party, Abiy Ahmed the discussion is key enabler for the political parties to work closely, address issues jointly that arise and create a vision of growth and prosperity in the service of the country and the people.

He later wrote on his Facebook: “I am pleased to witness the continuation of the political dialogue platform with another session taking place today. ”