National Forum for Dialogue Established


Addis Ababa October 8/2020 (ENA) A Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for National Dialogue (MIND) – Ethiopia, a forum for creating national consensus, was established today.

MIND was established by the Joint Council of Political Parties, Destiny Ethiopia, and Yehaseb Maed after discussions that took months.

At a press conference held today,  Joint Council of Political Parties Chairperson Musa Adem said the aim of the initiative is to discuss various issues, including political, economic and social issues, that can help to create national consensus.

MIND is recognized by Ministry of Peace, he said, adding that the memorandum of understanding signed with the ministry to provide the necessary administrative, political and security support will be part of the process to realize the initiative.

Destiny Ethiopia Coordinator, Negusu Aklilu said on his part representatives from all communities will take part in the initiative to ensure inclusiveness in the dialogue process.

The initiative will bring together all multi-stakeholders, including political parties, civic societies, experts as well as other sections of society from all regional states, he stated.

Yehaseb Maed Coordinator Adera Abdalla said “our role is to facilitate the process and provide support.”

The national dialogue process is divided into chapters and will be carried out in a way that is centered on national and cultural values as well as in a professional manner, it was learned.

Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for National Dialogue (MIND) – Ethiopia will start work in the coming two months.