Ethiopian Diaspora Raises over 48 Mn Birr for GERD in 3 Months


Addis Ababa October 7/2020(ENA) The Ethiopian Diaspora has reportedly raised over 48 million Birr for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) during the last three months. 

In a exclusive interview with ENA, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General Selamawit Dawit said the diaspora is encouraged more than ever to support the dam, especially after the first phase filling in July.

Out of the total amount raised, over 20 million Birr was collected while 28 million Birr is pledged.

According to the director-general, the agency has planned to raise 200 million Birr in total this Ethiopian Fiscal Year.

 “The agency is making use of the opportunity created to collect money through launching a special  campaign, in collaboration with missions and ambassadors. It plans to raise 200 million Birr and this would be the highest amount collected since the commencement of the dam,” Selamawit pointed out.

The Ethiopia Diaspora community extended about 71 million Birr last Ethiopian budget year to support the construction of the GERD.

The director-general further stated that the agency has been working to create forums for the diaspora to create awareness among the international community about Ethiopia’s right to finish the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and utilize Nile River.

Besides extending financial support, the diaspora is also exposing the false narrative about the dam, she noted.