House to Approve 2011 Ethiopian Budget Bill


Addis Ababa July 06/2018 On its 5th extraordinary session scheduled for today, the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) will debate to approve the draft budget bill for 2011 Ethiopian fiscal year presented to it.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will attend the session and provide explanations pertaining to the bill.

Last year the House has approved 320.8 Birr (13.8 Billion USD) which the budget had seen a rise of  2.02 billion USD (16.9%) to that of the preceding fiscal year.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, the new budget has been decreased by 4.4 percent compared to last year and capital budget by 1 percent mainly because of low revenue collection capacity and undesirable conditions triggered by unrests in various parts of the country.