Abiy Visits Progress of Koysha Hydropower Project


Addis Ababa September 19/2020 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited the Koysha hydropower project in Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples State today.

Recently reactivated after a long delay, the Koysha project on Omo River is now 37 percent completed.

Upon completion, Koysha project is expected to generate 6,400 GWH per year, according to the Office of the Prime Minster.

“So far the project has created 4,000 jobs and will continue to employ more as the project progresses. Together with our new Koysha project, the dam will be a critical catalyst to positively transform the area,” the premier tweeted.

Koysha hydroelectric project, located in the southwest of the country, will be the fourth of a cascade of dams along the Omo River, after Gilgel Gibe I, Gilgel Gibe II, and the Gibe III hydroelectric projects.