Loyal Tax Payers to get Priority in Service Delivery


Addis Ababa,September 18/2020(ENA) Loyal taxpayers to get priority handling in services delivery in government institutions in a bid to increase the numbers of loyal taxpayers, Prime Minister Abiy said. 

Ministry of Revenue has given recognition for 200 loyal taxpayers on Thursday in a ceremony held at the Unity Park in the capital, where Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed presided over.

On the occasion, Premier Abiy said there is a strong view in the government side to accord better treatment for loyal taxpayers along the lines of priority in state institutions.

He said that prosperity of citizens can be achieved as the number of loyal taxpayers increased in the country.

Thus, Abiy directed government institutions to establish a system that could give priority services for loyal taxpayers.

Collecting tax is not the only way to purge tax evasion, he said adding that strong action should be taken on tax elusion.

The Prime Minister warned investors trying to evade tax under the umbrella of government officials.

Minister of Revenue, Lake Ayalew said despite rising the number of loyal taxpayers in the country, there are many willfully failed to pay taxes and report all income received which prone to evasion that need to be monitored by the ministry.  

In the concluded Ethiopia fiscal year has been able to save about 27.4 billion birr that would have been evaded income tax, he noted.

Lake called on the pubic to stand with the government in increasing the number of loyal taxpayers and giving founders to the law.