Joint Council of Political Parties Members, PM Abiy Discuss Wide-ranging Issues


Addis Ababa, September 15/2020(ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held discussion with members of the Joint Council of Political Parties today.

The discussion was aimed at evaluating the previous two sessions and setting a future direction. 

Joint Council of Political Parties Chairperson Mussa Adam raised on the occasion the strengths and weaknesses of the last discussion forums.

He highlighted the issues raised at the discussions with regard to comprehensive national consensus, widening of political space in regions, the constitution, federalism, and election.

According to him, the forums were fruitful in this respect and have created opportunities for discussions about national dialogue and further discussions.

Leaders of the political parties have also noted the existence of memorandum of understanding of the council and agreement on agendas for discussion among the parties.

They further raised the major issues they believed are worthy of deliberations in the upcoming forums.

The leaders pointed out the need for building strong institutions that would enable to conduct election.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recommended that political parties with similar ideas come together and get organized to create stronger parties.     

The premier stressed that wide-ranging discussion will be needed in the Joint Council of Parties about party organization, sources of the current conflict in the country, and issues related to election.

The discussions concluded with an agreement to host a platform next week where they will dwell on the agendas they have already agreed upon.