China Pledges Continued Support for Ethiopia’s Dev’t


Addis  Ababa, September 10/2020(ENA)China will continue providing support for Ethiopia’s development endeavors, China’s Ambassador Tan Jian said today. 

The ambassador, who attended the inauguration ceremony of Sheger Park, told ENA that there are many areas that the two countries are working together.

In the development area, China is Ethiopia’s largest trader and largest source of investment, he explained, adding that “our job is to further deepen economic cooperation and bring our relationship to a new height. And I believe that together we will achieve a lot.”

Ambassador Tan Jian noted that this year marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Ethiopia.

“We do see a testament of our very good relationship; we call it comprehensive, strategic and cooperative partnership,” he added.

According to him, the park inaugurated today is a reflection of civilization and Ethiopian culture; and it will also attract lots of tourists, boost service and economy.

The completed first phase of the park is people centered, the ambassador said, adding that more construction will be carried out in the coming year. “This part of the park named Sheger Square Friendship Square from its name tells us to strengthen friendship between China and Ethiopia,” the ambassador observed.

Ambassador Tan Jian expressed his belief that more Chinese tourists will come to visit the park, and it will be used as a place of relaxation for Ethiopians. He also noted that tourists from different parts of the world will come to the park.

“I do believe project likes this will make Addis Ababa more loveable and livable,” he said.

With regard to cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, the ambassador said the countries have been supporting each other, and the Ethiopian government has expressed solidarity with China which the Chinese government appreciates very much.

“On our part, we also do our best to support Ethiopia in fighting against COVID-19 by organizing various video conferences, providing PPE,” he added.