Ambassadors Express Happy New Year Wishes to Ethiopians


Addis Abeba  September 8/2020  (ENA) Diplomats of four countries have wished the people and government of Ethiopia a prosperous and peaceful New Ethiopian New Year. 

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Australia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Peter Doyle said the past year has been a very challenging and rough one, and “we are all hopeful that the upcoming new year will be much better.”

The ambassador, who expressed his condolences to the loved ones of Ethiopians that lost their lives due COVID-19, appreciated his admiration to the health care sector workers which have performed so effectively with such courage and compassion under the leadership of Minister of Health Lia Tadessse.  

Noting that Australia has a very successful country that has built its success on democracy and free and open markets, Ambassador Doyle said “we are fully supportive of Ethiopia’s reform agenda.” It is very important that Ethiopia continues with its transition, he added.

He further pointed out that there are right now difficulties and they will continue while  implementing this process. But “I’m confident that if Ethiopians show resilience and perseverance which I know you all have, I’m sure that you will succeed at that and live in a more peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia.” 

Ambassador Doyle said, “ we are with you, supporting you on that journey and wish you very well. So my new year wishes for the people of Ethiopia are peace and prosperity. On behalf of the government and people of Australia, I would like to express all the best for the New Year to the people of Ethiopia.” 

Serbia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Aleksandar Ristic on his part said his wishes for the people and the government of Ethiopia are to continue to be strong, united, and work together.  

“This country is very strong and resilient. After COVID-19 we would be able to manage to succeed in this crisis; and after that to continue with very brave reforms, to continue with this approach in order to provide people with good life. I can see that things are getting better in Ethiopia and my wish is that the new year brings more happiness and peace. And everything else will be easier to get after that,” the ambassador noted.

Furthermore, Ambassador Ristic stated: “Let’s hope that the new year will bring us new opportunities and encourage people to travel and to work together.”

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Sugeeshwara Gunaratna has also extended his best wishes for the peoples and government of Ethiopia.

“I wish all Ethiopians a very peaceful, prosperous and happy new year. Melkem Addis Amet,” he said.  

Israel’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Raphael Morav conveyed best new year wishes to the peoples and government of Ethiopia.

“I am very pleased as it is a New Year. I would like to wish the Ethiopian people peace, prosperity and health in the new year.”