Gov’t Providing Humanitarian Assistance for 600,000 Flood Affected Persons


Addis Ababa, September 7/2020ENA)National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) said it is providing humanitarian assistance to about 600,000 citizens affected by floods.

Senior officials from Authority for Basin Development, Disaster Risk Management, Water Development Commission and Afar Regional state visited the damage caused by Awash River.

More than 25,000 people have been displaced in Fentale Woreda of East Shoa Zone alone, one of the worst affected areas in the basin.

The officials visited the internally displaced people temporarily sheltered in Metehara town. They have also visited Amibara and Nahurka woreda which is still seriously exposed to flooding.

About 16,000 hectares  large farms in the two woredas are under water, it was learned.

Regional state owned Development Enterprises Supervisor, Bidir Ali Bidir said the flood has in particular inflicted huge damages on over 14,000 hectares of crops and infrastructure in Amibora  Naharuka woreda.

He said the government has been relocating the victims to safer places using helicopters and boats.

National Disaster Risk Management Deputy Commissioner, Damena Darota said the commission had expected that more than 2 million people could be affected by floods.

Thus far some 588,000 people are affected and 220,000 displaced.

According to the deputy commissioner, there are still problems related to distribution though the government has been providing humanitarian assistance to flood affected areas.

Basins Development Authority Deputy Director-General, Getachew Gizaw said on his part the authority has established teams of officials and experts to provide short-term solutions.