Consulate Advises Ethiopians Living in Lebanon to Be Vigilant


Addis Ababa, August 11/2020(ENA) Ethiopian Consulate General in Beirut has advised Ethiopian nationals living in Lebanon to be cautious of the current political unrest in the country. 

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab and the country’s entire government have resigned on Monday amid mounting anger over the massive explosion that devastated parts of Beirut and left more than 200 people dead.

The resignation has been sparking fear of possible unrest and increased conflict by worsening the fragile situation across Lebanon as it results in power vacuum.  

“The resignation of government officials could possibly cause security gaps, administrative disruption and conflict in the country and may affect Ethiopian nationals in the country,”  the Consulate General in Beirut, Temesgen Omer told ENA.

Hence he urged Ethiopians living in Lebanon to undertake the necessary precaution measures and keep in touch with the Consulate Office in Beirut.

“Due to the crisis and tensions in Lebanon, Ethiopian Consulate in Beirut urges Ethiopian citizens in the country to maintain the maximum level of vigilance.”

Ethiopians need to stay cautious and stay at home and should not participate in any demonstrations, he added.

He has also advised Ethiopians to abide by the directives and advisory information released by the caretaker government that brought to power until a new government is formed.

The current unstable situation in the country may interrupt the repatriation activities being underway by the government of Ethiopia; Temesgen said adding that the Consulate will make the utmost efforts to minimize the hindrances.  

Some tasks that require special decisions by the Lebanon government regarding the repatriation procedures, might be delayed due to the situation in the government system in Lebabon, Temesgen noted.  

However, the Consulate will exert its maximum efforts to make the repatriation process possible, he affirmed.  

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia is finalizing preparations to repatriate some 500 Ethiopians from Lebanon.