Ministry Says Preparation Underway to Begin Firearm Registration


Addis Ababa, August 10/2020(ENA) The government of Ethiopia is making preparations to begin registration of firearms owned by individuals, Minister of Peace, Muferiat Kamil disclosed. 

According to the legislation enacted to control and administer illegal firearms in Ethiopia, those of who own  firearms is expected to register their weapons in two years, in order to be legalized.

The ministry has been making efforts to implement the legislation in collaboration with the security forces and other pertinent actors, Muferiat added.

According to her, various mitigating activities are intensified across all borders of the country as illegal flow of weapons is an international crime with wider networks.

Though selling and purchasing of firearms in Ethiopia is illegal, the practice of possessing arms in the country has been increasing, particularly  in parts of the country where holding of arms is considered as prestigious.  

Hence, the government of Ethiopia considering the threats of illegal firearms to the country has been taking several measures to mitigate the challenges.

In this regard preparation is being finalized including developing information software and institutional arrangements among others.

Muferiat pointed out that consultations with the community will be conducted before the registration begins.

The new law prohibits individuals to own, buy, sell, transfer or smuggle firearms unless licensed by the pertinent government office to do so.