Nation Prepares to Begin Asset Registration of Public Servants


Addiis Ababa, August 10/2020(ENA) Ethiopia is preparing to introduce systems of asset declaration for public servants in order to help the fight against corruption in the country, Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission announced.

A two day training was held in Dire­-Dawa city on the weekend to discuss on how to implement and conduct asset registration by ethics and anti­-corruption personnel.

Crime Prevention Director at the Commission, Aklilu Mulgeta told ENA during the occasion that the wealth registration for civil servants will be carried out in all of the regions including Addis Ababa and Dire-Dawa city administrations.

The asset registration will be conducted by Ethics and anti­-corruption officers at the commission.  

According him, training on the procedures and systems of wealth registration and data collection will begin this week in order to expedite the asset disclosure activities.  

Previously, wealth registrations were carried out only for selected segments of the public servants, he said, adding that this time preparations are underway to conduct registration for more than one million public servants throughout the country.

The Director said the disclosure of assets by civil servants in Ethiopia would help the nation avert the use of public office for personal benefits as it helps to detect wealth amassed through corruption.

The Federal Ethics and anti-Corruption Commission will also put in place a structure that would enable it to properly inspect and monitor the assets registered so as to establish a system of accountability among the civil servants.