Another Ethiopian National Killed in Beirut Blast


Addis Abeba August 9/2020 ( ENA) Ethiopian Consulate in Beirut confirmed an additional death of Ethiopian national from Wednesday’s port blast in the Lebanese capital Beirut. 

Consul General, Temesgen Omer told ENA that the dissident who died yesterday has been in treatment since her injury in the blast five days ago.

So far the explosion has claimed the lives of two Ethiopian nationals, Temesgen confirmed to ENA.

Another Ethiopian national also under intensive medical treatment while seven injured Ethiopians were discharged, the Consul General added.

The large blast killed more than 157 people and injured over 6,000 others, media reports indicated.

Meanwhile, protests that resulted in clashes have erupted yesterday in Beirut.

Thus, the consulate general warned Ethiopians living in Lebanon to refrain from participating in any of the protests and get in touch with information updates in the country and with the consulate.

More than 200, 000 Ethiopian nationals are believed to live in Lebanon, a country recently hit by political unrest and economic crisis, leaving thousands of Ethiopian home workers jobless and destitute.