Authority Says Expediting Renovation of Heritages


Addis Ababa August 8/2020(ENA) The renovation of five Ethiopia historical heritages will be expedited in this Ethiopian budget year, according to the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritages.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Authority Deputy Director-General Abebaw Abebayehu said the renovation of heritages has been going on despite the COVID-19 challenge.

The renovation of Axum Obelisk, Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches, Tiya archaeological site,  Palace of Jimma Abajifar, and Gondar Fasildes Castle were the priorities of the authority during the concluded Ethiopian fiscal year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has, however, created delay in achieving the planned renovation target of some historical sites, he added.

Yet the authority will fully complete the renovation of Tiya archaeological site and Jimma Abajifar Palace, it was learned.

“We are also finalizing renovation studies for Lalibela and Gondar  Fasildas Castle. For sure, we will start the renovation for this two world heritages in the budget year.”

The restoration of Axum Obelisk was canceled due to the COVID-19 effect in Italy as the  professionals come from Italy, he explained.

The renovation work will commence soon since the authority has re-established relations with the professionals.

Tiya archaeological site, which was scheduled to be finalized this Jun, will hopefully finalized in the course of the budget year, according to Abebaw.

According to him, the authority will also complete a strategy for conservation of heritage.

The strategy will give regional states the power to renovate some heritages at regional level without the interference of the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage.

Ethiopia has eight historical heritages inscribed on the United Nations Education and Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) list.