Floods Displace 32,000 in Afar Regional State


Addis Ababa, August 5/2020(ENA) Afar Regional State Disaster Prevention and Food Security Program Coordination Office disclosed that 32,000 persons have been displaced due to overflow of Awash River.

Early Warning and Emergency Response Director, Aydahis Yasin said the over flooding occurred in six woredas of the regional state, following the heavy rainfall this rainy season.

Seven woredas along the Awash River basin are highly vulnerable to flood, he added.

Though Awash Basin Authority has been undertaking flood prevention activities in collaboration with the regional and federal governments, the devastation happened due to the unusual rainfall, it was learned.

Crops and animals were also damaged in the areas, Aydahis said.

Out of the 32,000 displaced persons, 17,450 lived in the five kebeles of Asayta Woreda. The government has been providing relief for over 1,100 in two kebeles of same woreda.

Some 1,266 persons living in Kolodura and Geleali Kebeles have surrounded by water since Sunday due to the overflow of the Awash River.

According to the director, some 63,000 people are vulnerable to flood while 44,000 are also at risk of displacement in the lower and middle Awash of Afar Regional State.