Justice Movement Advocating GERD to be Launched in USA, Canada Soon


Addis Ababa, July 31/2020(ENA) Justice for Humanity (JFH), a non-governmental organization headquartered in USA, announced that it is launching a solidarity movement that advocates the just use of Nile River and support for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Justice for Humanity Eastern Africa President, Abraham Sium said the solidarity movement will first start in the US and Canada to pressurize the Trump administration to correct its biased  position on the dam.

The 10 person committee is organized to advocate the issue of the dam with the view to promoting fair utilization and cooperation.

Construction of the dam is not a luxury for Ethiopia rather a tool for alleviating poverty and enhancing economic growth, the president noted.

The international community is not, however, aware about this reality due to false propaganda.

“By condemning the unfair pressure of the US administration toward Ethiopia’s effort to alleviate poverty, we will work to promote fair utilization and mutual benefit and voice our position at the international arena,” he elaborated.    

Second generation coordinator in USA, Hewan Solomon said on her part the youth have the ability to mobilize different representatives, congressmen, senators and promote this kind of change in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

“One of the biggest disadvantages Ethiopia has and its citizen abroad is misinformation and not knowing the true history of Abbay/ Nile. But if we know about this, friends, allies and citizen of other countries would fight along with for this cause,” she stated.

According to Hewan, many will hopefully stand for this fair cause and protect the sovereignty of Ethiopia by aligning themselves with Justice for Humanity.

Youth movement is crucial as they use various social media and other outlets effectively to particularly cause change among policy makers, she said, adding that it is therefore important to mobilize the youth around the world to push for justice.

Ethiopia has recently completed the initial filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a nearly 5 billion USD hydroelectricity project on the Blue Nile River.

With the 4.9 billion cubic meters of water in the reservoir, it can now test two of the project’s turbines.