Ethiopian Diplomats Urged to Intensify Efforts to Clarify Nation’s Stand on GERD


Addis Ababa July 25/2020(ENA) Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew has called on Ethiopian diplomats to enhance their efforts in making the country’s equitable and reasonable policy with regard to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) clear to the world. 

The foreign minister made the above remark today at a joint meeting held with Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister Sileshi Bekele and Ethiopia’s diplomats in Asian and Oceanian countries.

Speaking during the occasion, the foreign minister said the country’s future development will in many ways depend on its water resources, active diplomacy on equitable utilization of the Nile water.

GERD is Ethiopia’s flagship that has reached this stage through collective diplomacy and active public participation across the country, he added.

Yet, the diplomatic effort has still been far behind in effectively changing the status quo on the Nile Basin and disclosing Egypt’s hegemony and false propaganda against Ethiopia’s right to use the water.

Thus Ethiopian diplomats should be proactive in promoting the country’s firm negotiation power in order to keep the principle of equitable and reasonable use among riparian countries.    

“Nile River is Ethiopia’s natural leverage for regional influence and diplomacy that the country will reinforce and promote equitable utilization among the riparian countries,” he added.

According to him, the country is re-invigorating a new diplomatic approach by involving various stakeholders, including other riparian countries.

Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister Sileshi Bekele said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has become a national pride as well as a foundation to future managing and running such  flagship projects.

Mentioning the tremendous positive impact the GERD will bring about, he added that the dam will enable to have affordable regional power market and increased water storage.

Increasing water storage in Ethiopian highlands will definitely increase water saving for severe drought.

The diplomats on their parts pledged to work hard for an acceptable and reasonable use of the Nile River as Ethiopia supplies 85 percent of the water.