Activist Calls for Stronger Unity to Complete Renaissance Dam


Addis Abeba (ENA) july 17/2020 Regardless of ethnicity, age, and gender, Ethiopians should stand together and complete the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), the activist Obang Metho said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Human Rights Activist Obang Meto said Ethiopia is constructing the dam to accelerate its development and improve the livelihood of its people without causing harm on others.

The dam has unified Ethiopians as one people as every citizen would benefit from it. GERD is an Ethiopian dam for Ethiopians by Ethiopian, he underscored.

“Regardless of our political, ethnic, religious and other differences, we are one when it comes to the dam. It is our dam, our existence and a means and a reason for all of us to stand together as one; and we are doing that. Wherever they are, I encourage all Ethiopians to stand together,” Obang said.

There were conspiracies to bloke the construction of the dam and hinder Ethiopia from benefiting from Nile River by depriving it financial loans. But Ethiopians stood as one and realized the project.

“This is therefore a dam funded by Ethiopians and it proves that we can do anything if we stand together. if we stand together, the sky is the limit,” he emphasized.

“Every Ethiopian who has contributed to this should be proud. This is something you  originally funded. It should be the beginning of building a new Ethiopia where every Ethiopian is valued. So this is an example for all Ethiopian alive today.”

Ethiopia should remain independent in fulfilling its developmental needs, Obang stated, adding  that every Ethiopian should thus exert the required effort towards completing GERD which is pivotal in this regard.

The activist drew parallel between GERD with Adwa Victory where Ethiopians defeated fascist Italians, and pointed out that Ethiopia remained the only African country not colonized because Ethiopians made it be so by standing in unison.

Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has now reached 74.5 percent and water filling is expected to begin soon.