Police Request Additional Time to Investigate Perpetrators of Recent Chaos


Addis Abeba (ENA) july 14/2020

The police have requested additional time to investigate Bekele Gerba who is allegedly one of the perpetrators of the violence and chaos that has resulted in the killings of over hundred innocent people and huge property loss.

The Federal First Instance Court has postponed the hearing yesterday to 16th July 2020 to decide on the request for additional time.

Following the assassination of the popular singer Hachalu Hundessa and snatching of his corpse from the family to take it to the office of Oromia Prosperity Party, Bekele and his accomplices were arrested by the police.

According to the police, Bekele and his accomplices have killed one and wounded another security persons before they were detained.

Upon his arrest, Bekele called on a leader of youth groups to order him incite turmoil as they were detained. That orchestrated instruction has resulted in huge destruction of property and human life, the police said.

It also revealed that two pistols were found at the residence of Bekele and sent for forensic investigation.

Police therefore requested additional 14 days for further investigation as the crime is complex and wide.

Lawyers of the defendant on the other hand asked the court to order the media to stop campaign against their client and allow his family to visit him.   

Police responded that limited number of family members are allowed to visit detainee due to  COVID-19.

Hearing both sides, the Federal First Instance Court adjourned the hearing to 16th July 2020 when decision on the request for additional days will be passed.

Police also requested additional 14 days for suspects under Desta Tolosa in a similar charge. Following the hearings from all sides, the court adjourned the hearing to July 16, 2020.