Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Agree to an AU Led Process to Solve Outstanding Issues


Addis Ababa June 28/2020 (ENA) Ethiopia, Egypt and the Sudan agreed to an African Union (AU) led process to solve outstanding issues towards the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). 

Ethiopia appreciates the call made by the current AU Chairperson, President Cyril Ramaphosa for the AU Bureau to look into outstanding matters of the tripartite negotiation on the GERD in the spirit of bring African solution to African problems.

Ethiopia has been calling for the need to exhaust regional mechanisms to move forward the negotiation.

Ethiopia is ready to work with the AU bureau to find a solution to outstanding issues in the tripartite negotiation within the framework of the DoP.

In the spirit of consensus, all parties have agreed to reach into agreement within two weeks time.

Ethiopia reiterates that while observing accepted principles of equitable and reasonable utilization and that of not causing significant harm, it will have to fill the dam in July.

In this spirit, it also urges all parties to observe the Declaration of Principles (DOP) signed in 2015.