Webinar Discusses Market Options in China for Ethiopian Meat Exporters


Addis Ababa June 18/2020(ENA) A webinar aimed at expanding markets for Ethiopian meat exports in China was held on Wednesday, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing, China and meat exporters in Ethiopia as well as representative from the ministry of Agriculture have participated in the consultation which was organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the discussion participants noted the importance of mutual agreement from both countries, to enter in to the Chinese market.

Leading the discussion, Permanent Secretary of Economic Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dawano Kedir said stakeholders should do their level best to enter into the huge Chinese market.

Ethiopian Ambassador to China, Teshome Toga on his part highlighted that constant supply of goods is imperative to stay competitive in the Chinese market.

Ethiopia should prefer exporting processed meat taking health issues into consideration Dr. Alemayehu Mekonnen said, representing the Ministry of Agriculture.  

Hailessilase Worres, Executive director of Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute (EMDIDI), pointed out that besides meeting standards for export of meat, it would be helpful if meat importers are invited to physically inspect abattoir in Ethiopia.

At the end of the consultation, participants noted that mutual agreement from both countries is important to enter the Chinese market.

Participants have also called for a swift exchange of information among stakeholders and underlined the need to draw the attention of Chinese investors to Ethiopia’s meat exporting market.