Disaster Risk Mgmt Commission Says 30 Mn Ethiopians Need Humanitarian Aid


ENA May 23/2020 Some 30 million Ethiopians need humanitarian aid, including emergency food assistance and relief, according to the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC).

Commissioner Mitiku Kassa told Ethiopian News Agency that the commission has asked for 1.6 billion USD emergency funding from the government and the international  Development Assistance Group (DAG).

According to him, Ethiopia has currently 25 million people below poverty line, including  seven million people who receive regular relief and eight million Safety Net Program beneficiaries.

In addition, five million people are affected by COVID-19 and lost their jobs, he added.

Following the direction of the National  COVID-19 Ministerial Committee, the National Disaster Risk Management Commission along with Ministry of Finance prepared a COVID-19 emergency response document that will be executed up until the end of  September 2020.

“ Based on this document, we have established that 30 million Ethiopians need relief aid until September 2020. And to respond to this emergency we need an estimated 1.6 billion USD,” the commissioner stated.

The COVID-16 pandemic has come at a worse time, just as the country is undergoing major challenges, Mitiku said, adding that the support of donors is therefore imperative to extend  humanitarian aid across the country.

He further stated that the commissioner is conducting study to determine the assistance that may be required for the coming months.