Ethiopia to Intensify Diplomatic Efforts to Create Clarity, Truth about GERD


ENA ,May 19/2020 Ethiopia would intensify its diplomatic efforts in order to create clarity and the truth about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

This was disclosed during a briefing ministries of foreign affairs and water, irrigation & electricity gave to resident African ambassadors today.  

Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister Sileshi Bekele explained to the ambassadors about the status of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam whose that said filling will begin next July and the negotiations held with the downstream riparian countries.

The minister told journalists after the discussion that detailed explanations were given to the ambassadors about the difficulties encountered during the negotiations.

Furthermore, he stated that the ambassadors were briefed in detail about the multifaceted  benefits of hydroelectric power generation to the region and Africa in general.  

Pointing out the potential of Egypt to generate 10 times as much power as Ethiopia, he added that Ethiopia has on the other hand only limited resource to generate power.

Be this as it may, Ethiopia has the right to use the 86 percent water it contributes to the River Nile, he underscored.

Moreover, he explained that the dam has no significant harm on any of the downstream countries.

The right to use water should be for all, and a colonial treaty signed in its absence is never acceptable under no circumstances, he stressed, adding that Ethiopia has only the desire to the just use of the resource.

He finally stated that diplomacy works around the dam will be strengthened and a forum will be organized to Middle Eastern, European and Asian countries.

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Redwan Hussein said on his part that Ethiopia will continue its diplomatic efforts to make clear to everybody that the dam would play a crucial role in not only providing electricity but also in changing the livelihood of citizens.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will have no negative impact on any country, he noted, adding spreading this truth concretely to the world is essential.

Creating awareness about the use of the dam to Africa at large and neighboring countries in particular would continue through diplomatic efforts, the state minister added.  

Some 73 percent of GERD is completed and water filling will commence in July 2020.