Chinese Firm Donates COVID 19 Medical Supplies to Ethiopian Railway Corporation


Addis Ababa, May 16/2020 (ENA) The China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) has donated medical supplies worth 27,000 USD to the Ethiopian Railway Corporation today.

The medical supplies included 36,000 masks, 10 thermometers, and 200,000 gloves.

CREC Addis Ababa-Meosso Railway Project Manager, Li Zhengwei handed over the donation to Ethiopian Railway Corporation Chief Executive Officer Sintayehu Woldemichael.

On the occasion, Chief Executive Officer Sintayehu said “only one single country or government could not combat such pandemic. It needs the cooperation of the international community and the Ethiopian government.”

The donation made by China would play a crucial role in overcoming the impact of the virus, he noted, adding that it will also help to enhance people-to-people relations.”

The China Railway Engineering Corporation has been working in railway projects in Ethiopia for almost ten years.

Project Manager Li Zhengwei on his part said the donation is aimed to support the staff of ERC in the fight against COVID-19. “Through our joint efforts we can defeat the virus,” he added.

China Railway Group Limited (known as CREC) is a construction conglomerate with more than 120 years history.

As one of the world’s largest construction and engineering contractors, CREC takes a leading position in infrastructure construction, industrial equipment manufacturing, scientific research and consulting, real estate development, resources development, financial trust, trade and other fields.