Use of Integrated Media, Archive for GERD Stressed


Addis Ababa, May 15/2020(ENA) Integrated use of media and archives is crucial to ascertain the rights and interest of Ethiopia’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), media experts said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Addis Ababa University School of Journalism and Communications Dean Mekuria Mekasha said “there is no more important agenda for Ethiopia than GERD and we all need to stand in unison.”

Describing the media landscape as one that seasonally covers issues on the dam, he added that this practice should be stopped and the media rally experts on the agenda.

Besides, “the media could, for instance, create GERD Forum whereby all materials on the issue will be archived. Therefore, one of the important objectives should be special focus of the media on the dam,” he elaborated.

According to him, whenever the media are crafted in such a way they serve as additional muscles for the negotiating teams of the country.

Mekuria said there are many Ethiopians with various expertise who can support the prior agenda of the country, adding that “prior to that however the media need to integrate.”

“Both the public and private media need to work together around this particular agenda. Now is the time for us to come together and show what we are capable of achieving by becoming  additional force to our diplomats,” the dean stated.

Panafric Media and Communications Services Director, Solomon Gebreghiorgis said on his part that the media and elites in all professions should make GERD their priority.

He further stated that GERD is far more important than COVID-19 as the latter is seasonal and will go away after a while whereas the former transcends generations.

For this to happen, Solomon said the media need to carry out their entrusted responsibility of bringing about the voices of all concerned experts.

He added that this in turn will demonstrate the country’s capability to rally behind the agenda and demonstrate the determination of the public.