Ethiopia Prepares Comprehensive Response to Egypt’s Complaint about GERD


Addis Ababa, May 11/2020( ENA) Ethiopia has prepared a comprehensive document that provides sufficient response for the complaint of Egypt about the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy.

Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister, Sileshi Bekele briefed senior government officials today about the current status of the dam and the responses being given to questions raised by the downstream countries.

Even if Ethiopia has been referred to as “the water tour of Eastern Africa” and most of the  rivers are trans-boundry, the country has not been benefited economically.

The country started this mega dam project realizing that meeting electricity infrastructure is critical to the sustainable development of a country, he added.

Moreover, 21 percent Ethiopians live below poverty line. And among the factors that contribute to the destitution are climate change and low supply of electricity.

The minister pointed out that filling of the dam will be managed without causing harm to the downstream countries; and Ethiopia respects the fair and rational water management guideline.

According to Sileshi, Ethiopia has prepared a comprehensive document that provides sufficient response for the complaint Egypt has submitted to the UN Security Council about the filling of GERD.

The downstream riparian countries have been given sufficient briefings and explanations beginning from the start of the construction of the dam, he said, adding that the questions raised not only contradict the rights of the country to development but also lack scientific basis.

Even if Ethiopia has been conducting discussions with experts, ministers and even leaders of the downstream countries since 2012, the negotiations have not resulted in agreement. This shows that the country cannot be pressurized into surrendering its interest, he stressed.

Currently, the civil work of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has reached 87 percent and the total construction 73 percent.