Regional Supreme Court Jails Former Officials for Corruption


Addis ababa, May 8/2020(ENA) The Amhara Region Supreme Court sentenced today two former senior officials, Bereket Simon and Tadessa Kassa, to six years and eight years imprisonment respectively. 

The supreme court sentenced Bereket Simon to six years in jail and 10,000 birr fine, while Tadessa Kassa received eight years and was fined 15,000 birr.

It found both officials guilty of corruption practices for mismanaging the public owned TIRET Corporation as Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, respectively.

The charges are related to inappropriate share sale of Dashen Brewery, misappropriation of fund related to the agreement between Dashen Brewery and the UK based Duet Group, and siphoning off of money that should have been paid to TIRET Corporation.