ECX Transacts 3.84 billion Birr


ENA,April 8/2020 The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) executed commodities worth 3.84 billion Birr last month, transacting 74,950 tons of goods.

In a statement ECX sent to ENA, the commodity market was able to trade various goods including coffee, sesame, soya beans, white and red pea beans, and green mung bean.

Accordingly, coffee took the largest share, contributing 29, 784 tons followed by sesame which is 23, 691 tons of the total shares of commodities.

Coffee has the lion share in transaction with recording 40 percent volume and 63 percent of commodity price.

Compared to the preceding month, the transaction of coffee has seen a 17 percent increase in volume and 5 percent rise in price.  

Of the total amount of coffee transaction, coffee exported amount shares 70 percent volume and 66 percent price in the transaction.

Soya beans, white and red pea beans, and green mung bean follow the same suit in volume, respectively.