Ethiopia, Uganda Lead in Global Searches for COVID-19 Information


ENA,April 2/2020 Google has unveiled that Ethiopia and Uganda lead in global searches for COVID-19 information, African News reported.

According to the data from global search engine giant Google, Ethiopia has the highest coronavirus-related searches.

As of Monday 30th March 2020, Ethiopia was leading in global searches with a value of 100, which represents the peak popularity of a particular search term, it added.

A few days earlier, Uganda’s searches for coronavirus information also peaked at 100.

It indicated that other African countries also featured in Google’s coronavirus search trends include Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

Google’s trending section is keeping tabs on how its users are searching for information on the coronavirus pandemic that has been ravaging the world for months.

Google, like other technology companies is working with first responders to the pandemic including the World Health Organization and different countries’ health ministries, it was learned.