Filling GERD Will Begin This Rainy Season: Prime Minister Abiy


ENA April 1/2020 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said filling the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will begin this coming rainy season, and urged all Ethiopians to fully implement the preventive measures in order to fight Corona virus.

In his message to the Ethiopian people in connection with the 9th anniversary of Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the prime minister said the country faces two challenges, namely the outbreak of Corona virus and the completion of the dam, that would be overcome.  

The virus has spread to 201 countries and inflicted serious damages, Abiy noted, adding that the number of victims in Ethiopia has reached 29.

“We should (therefore) cooperate to contain the virus from particularly reaching farmers and pastoralists as it could be difficult to stop the virus once they are infected,” he stated.    

According to him, the government has been working hard to implement preventive measures and dispatch medical equipment.

Various measures have been taken, including closure of schools, offices, and implementation of  physical contact.

With regard to the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Abiy said the dam is a valuable resource the public treasures most. Thus the government, in collaboration with the public, will complete the dam and fight the virus relentlessly.  

The premier stressed that “the reason why we give huge emphasis to this dam is because it is a symbol of our sovereignty and unity.”

According to him, filling of the dam will commence this upcoming rainy season as the construction of GERD is progressing well.    

He urged all Ethiopians to stand together to prevent the pandemic and complete the dam.