Kellem Wolega on Road to Sustainable Peace, Stability, says Shimelis


ENA,March 27/2020 Significant achievements gained in restoring peace and stability in Kellem Wolega Zone of Oromia Regional State, Deputy Chief Administrator, Shimelis Abdissa said. 

Deputy Chief Administrator of the Region, Shimelis Abdisa and other higher government officials today visited Kelem Wolega Zone and held discussion with residents on the progress of peace and stability in the region.

During the discussion, Shimelis said the region has been epicenter of armed conflicts over the past one year that claimed the lives of many people.

The situation for many people in Kelem Wolega zone remain bleak, a period of relative peace has kick-started a process of stability that is improving lives, after peacemaking measures taken by the government.   

Following the restoration of stability, he said, various development projects are designed and bid process is underway to start construction of road, potable water, and electricity among others to benefit residents of the zone.  

In addition, Dembi Dollo Airport which was previously closed will be operational within short time which would expect to accelerate the economic activities in the region.

Residents have raised several concerns pertaining to peace and development issues to be addressed by the government.

Senior government official addressed the concerns raised by the resident and reiterated to ensure the rule of law and sustain economic development in the region.

The officials pointed out that internet and telecom services shutdown will be lifted shortly.