Nation Closes Borders, Allocates 5 Billion Birr to Contain COVID-19 Pandemic


ENA,March 23/2020 The Office of the Prime Minister announced that the government has allocated 5 billion Birr for the fight against corona virus, and all borders of the country are closed.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met today with heads of the security sector to discuss about the preparedness in relation to COVID-19 containment.

The federal government has accordingly alloted 5 billion Birr to undertake COVID-19 preparedness  tasks.

According to a press release of the Office of the Prime Minister, the following key measures were announced after the discussion.

As March 23,202,  the security sector will begin to enforce measures taken by the ministerial committee to cease large gatherings and maintain  social distancing.

Government institutions, including political parties, have to adhere to social distancing and preventative measures when convening meetings.

Government institutions will facilitate working from home options on a case-by-case basis for some employees.  

Public transporters to cease overcrowding, which will be monitored and enforced by traffic police and volunteers.  

The national defense forces and police will undertake internal preparations and get ready to undertake preventive tasks nationally.

Continued measures would to be taken against businesses illegally increasing prices on consumer goods.  

Media have to play a focused and critical role in raising prevention awareness at all levels.  

And the national defense forces will halt the movement of people along all borders, with the exception of incoming essential goods to the country.

Finally, the release disclosed that all regional states are preparing quarantine centers and their medical professionals in the event of hastened spread.