China Hails Ethiopia’s Solidarity in Containing COVID-19


ENA,February 28/2020 Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Tan Jian commended Ethiopia’s support and solidarity in the efforts to contain the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

In his press briefing today, Ambassador Jian said China has taken comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures to prevent and contain COVID-19 especially at the hardest-hit Hubei Province.

He appreciated support and solidarity of the people and government of Ethiopia as “unforgettable”.

The ambassador said Ethiopian Airlines has not interrupted flights to China. “the people and Government of China highly appreciated it and will never forget that,” he said.

There are 311 Ethiopian students living in and studying in Hubei Province, including Wuhan city, it was learned.

He said the Chinese government is treating the students the way it cares for its own children.