Volunteer Ambassadors Recognized, Renew Commitment to Support Youth Volunteers


ENA,February 23/2020 Volunteer ambassadors, who received recognition by the government today, told ENA that they will strengthen voluntarism and work for the benefit of others.

Ministry of Peace recognized five individuals as of Volunteer ambassadors at the launching ceremony of the National Voluntary Service Program at the Headquarter of the African Union in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other high government officials.

The ambassadors stated that they are pleased to get the recognition and fully dedicated to the promotion of national values and building strong communities.

One of the volunteer ambassadors and founder and Mary Joy, Sister Zebider Zewdie said the recognition given to volunteerism is important in reinforcing efforts in voluntary service programs.

She noted that Ethiopia needs more volunteers who will work in various social spheres to meet the needs of families victimized by social ills. Volunteerism, according to her, is the highest fulfillment of human beings.

In this regard, the ambassador has pledge to give all the necessary assistance to the youth that have volunteered to engage in the national service.

“One thing I can assure you, my support is always there for those who need any assistance, and I will share my experience to youth volunteers and motivate them to promote humanitarianism and peace,” Sister Zebider pointed out.

For her, the newly launched voluntary service program is a big move that will involve various humanitarians activities and engage lots of volunteers to the program.

The other recognized ambassador, Chachi Taddese said even if Ethiopia has huge potential to be a wealthy nation, it faces many challenges.

Youth volunteers would contribute a lot to the realization of the hope of all Ethiopians, the artist and philanthropist said, adding that building a unified nation by involving them in the national voluntary service without any discrimination in terms of ethnicity, gender, and religion is a big step in tackling poverty.

Chachi further stated that she is proud of the recognition as volunteer ambassador, and promised to consolidate the voluntary service program.

Another young volunteer ambassador from Somali Regional State, Nesen Abdulahi said Ethiopian youth have to be exemplary of peace initiatives and voluntary services.

“Our voluntary service would create strong family life, interfaith and national cooperation as well as harmony,”she stated

Noting that voluntary service is a global experience in nurturing peace and narrow unwanted differences, Nesen urged Ethiopians to prioritize volunteerism through cooperation by  transcending  ethnicity and religion.