Ethiopia launches Nat’l Voluntary Community Service Program


ENA,February 23/2020 Addis Ababa February 23, 2020 (ENA) Ethiopia launched today the national voluntary service program in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other senior federal and regional government officials. 

More than 189,000 volunteers have been registered for the National Voluntarism Community Service Program. Out of which, 10,000 will participate in the first round that will be implemented over the coming one year.

Speaking on the launching ceremony held at the African Union this morning, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said this is the era of Ethiopian youth that they are in a critical juncture to contribute for the prosperity of their country.

He called upon the youth to fully participate in the program and consider the skills they will develop as foundation skills for life.

Noting that volunteerism is “natural and the manifestation of humanity”, the prime minister advised the youth to “harness their energy for productive purposes and apply wisdom in their engagements, being selective in how time is spent and energy is expended by focusing solely on positive deeds.”

Ethiopia is a country of youth indicating that there is a huge potential to solve the socioeconomic and political challenges of the country, he added.

Mentioning Israel’s experience how the country has become one of the powerful nations in the world, the premier urged Ethiopian youth to explore their internal potential in order to accelerate national development.

Minister of Peace, Mufriat Kamil said on her part that the youth will receive a two month mind set training before they are deployed.

She added the ministry has already finalized preparations to execute the service program in different parts of the country.

Training modules have been prepared and the training could be extended to three months after the first round.

The 18-35 years old volunteers will be deployed to different parts of the country in different sectors, it was learned.