ETRSS-1 Satellite Lays Milestone for Ethio-China Space Science Cooperation: Chinese Ambassador


ENA,February 23/2020 The Successful Implementation of ETRSS-1 Satellite has laid a milestone for Ethio-China space science cooperation, said Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s first Earth observation satellite, the Ethiopian Remote Sensing Satellite (ETRSS-1), was successfully launched on December 20, 2019.  

The Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute organized an event to thank stakeholders involved in the successful implementation of ETRS-1 satellite.  

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Tan Jian said on the occasion that the successful implementation of ETRS-1 satellite has laid a milestone for space science cooperation between Ethiopia and China.

“Cooperation between Ethiopia and China has advanced from the land to the space” the Ambassador noted.

“2019 is fruitful year for our bilateral cooperation. We witnessed not only the width and depth of our cooperation, but also the height of our cooperation,” Ambassador Tan Jian added.  

He further stated that ETRSS-1 satellite project has paved the way for Ethiopia to step in to a new era of space exploration that will help the country’s economic development, and scientific and technological progress.

Affirming his government’s keenness to support Ethiopia’s effort being undertaken in the space science development, the Ambassador indicated that cooperation in communication satellite for broadcasting services and commercial telecommunications has also been under exploration.

ETRSS-1 is a multi-spectral remote sensing system, weighs 70 kilograms, and cost 8 million USD to build, with a reported 75 percent of the funds coming from China.

The satellite will be used for environmental monitoring and climate research, agricultural monitoring, resource management, and other civil uses.

According to the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute, the Satellite will enable the country to access data whenever needed and supports the country in realizing its aspiration of growth and development.

Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and other stake holders involved in ETRSS-1 satellite project have received certificate of recognition from Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute.