Gambella Region Gets First Integrated Landuse and Dev’t Plan


Addis Ababa,February 21/2020 (ENA) Integrated Urban and Rural Landuse and Development Plan (ILDP) of Gambella Regional State gets a comprehensive”, which is the first of its kind in the country, was launched today. 

Speaking at the launching workshop, Lead Integrated Land use and Development Plan Coordinator Azene Bekele said the ILDP is prepared to overcome the looming impacts and guide sustainable utilization of the land resources for economic wellbeing and environmental sustainability of the region.

It is the rational system of correcting the divergence between care and utilization of land and land resources at rural and urban settings in the region, he added.

According to him, the ILDP is developed based on scientific and people centered manner; and  targets to support economic transformation, speed up and improve social transformation and guarantee sustainable environment.

Gambella Regional State Deputy President, Thakkney J. Rom said the integrated landuse plan would contribute to handling challenges faced by the region in land and natural resources.

Noting that the region has huge potential of natural resources, rich hydrologic resources and wildlife, among others, Rom said the plan would help the people and the region to benefit from the resources effectively.

He emphasized that the region will work in collaboration with stakeholders to effectively implement the plan and achieve sustainable economic transformation and natural resources use for the intended purposes.

ILDP is aimed at guiding the sustainable transformation of rural and urban lives and land resources of the people and environment by providing coordinated, all serving, aligned and harmonized land-use plans that avoided conflict between the different land-use types, it was pointed out.

The Integrated Urban and Rural Landuse and Development Plan is funded by Sweden International Development Agency and Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia and developed by Addis Ababa University.