PM Abiy Holds Discussion with Residents of Silte Zone


ENA,February 19/2020 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held discussion with some 1,000 residents of the Silte Zone, Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP), in Worabe town today.

The participants drawn from all districts of the Zone, raised a number of questions ranging from infrastructure, good governance to the existing political situation of the country.

During the discussion, participants praised government’s measures in its effort to reform the overall economic and political development of the country.

The Premier responded to the questions expressing his government’s readiness to address the needs of the people.  

He stated that the government will do everything in its capacity to improve the  aforementioned issues and asked the communities to do their part, by elaborating the various government development plans being undertaken in the area of road construction, electrification and access to potable water.

It was raised that the issue of forming additional regions was addressed in the earlier discussions with community representatives from the different areas of SNNPR.

It was noted that regions will not be established by the number of nation nationalities.

At the same time, however, the people’s right to self-governance will remain respected according to information obtained from the office of the prime minister.

The Prime Minister has also delivered a speech to a crowd of some 60,000 people gathered at Worabe stadium.

In his speech, the Premier, pointed out that “in order to ensure Ethiopia’s unity and peace, we should bring development, not Kalashnikov rifle or tanks.” And urged the gathering to join hands to ensure peace, unity and prosperity.