Commission Undertaking Nat’l Corruption Survey


ENA February 18/2020 The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission announced that it has been conducting a national survey aimed at looking into the impact of corruption in Ethiopia over the past decade. 

The survey launched in last October and scheduled to be completed this June is expected to reveal the level of corruption in the country, the types of corruption and key sectors affected as well as the extent of threat posed on the national economic, political and social development.  

It is also expected to identify gaps in the existing efforts and indicate other effective mechanisms to fight corruption.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Communication team leader, Kebebe Dadi told ENA that the commission had conducted a survey a decade ago.

Findings of this survey would provide important inputs to design a ten-year national anti­-corruption strategy that helps prevent corrupt practices, he added.  

The strategy will also serve as a tool to implement anti-corruption related programs based on the findings, the team leader pointed out.

Kebebe stated that “the practice and forms of corruption vary from sector to sector. Once the trends are identified, it will be easy to apply approaches and methods that would help wipe out corruption.”

Transparency International, the world’s anti-corruption body, encourages nations to carry out their own surveys as they help to identify local knowledge, mitigating instruments and strategies to combat the practice, according to the  team leader.

The 2019 Transparency International Index released recently ranked Ethiopia as the 96th least corrupt nation out of 180 countries. The country has improved 18 ranks from 114th in 2018.