Council of Ministers Passes about 28 Billion Birr Additional Budget, Refers Draft Bills to HPR


ENA February 17/2020  The Council of Ministers has passed 27.9 billion Birr additional budget for the current Ethiopian fiscal year and also referred other draft laws to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) .

The additional budget is a total sum of 18 billion birr for the implementation of homegrown economic reform agenda, two billion birr for safety net program, and 7.9 billion birr for national application of equal pay for equal work, it was learned.

The council of ministers also discussed the proposed loan agreements for Debre Markos- Mota Road Improvement Project, establishment of Center of Excellence for Adama Science and Technology University,  and the Second National Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program.

It referred the loan bills to the House of People’s Representatives for approval as the agreements have 10 years grace period, are long-term and interest free.

The council also discussed the African Union Anthem and Flag Proclamation, and African Day draft bill.

As the bill helps in enhancing partnership with African countries and continuing its commitment to Pan Africanism and the African integration agenda as well as fulfilling its role of host country of the Union, the council passed the African Union Anthem and Flag Proclamation and African Day draft bill to the House of People’s Representatives for approval.

Finally, the council discussed the draft legislation for the establishment of agricultural vocational education and training colleges.

The accountability of the colleges would be to Ministry of Agriculture and they will become independent legal entities, it was indicated.