Ethiopians Gain Opportunity to Work in Dubai Expo 2020


ENA,February 16/2020 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has facilitated a job opportunity for 10,000 Ethiopians in the World Dubai Expo 2020, which will be opened in the upcoming October. 

Primer Abiy has also obtained the permission for opening Ethiopian community school in the UAE.

Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be a six-month mega event, growth of number of key business areas; trading for various products, construction, transportation, tourism, and hospitality.

During his visit, Abiy held discussion with needy Ethiopian women in UAE and emphasized that his government is working hard to improve the livelihood of Ethiopians living in Middle East countries.

Visiting the 5km land under construction for the Dubai Expo 2020, Abiy said “we have learned that human beings can do far greatly incredible things if they do not limit their dreams.”

Ethiopia gained a place to introduce its exponential treasures to the entire world at the Dubai Expo 2020, it was learned.

The site as good opportunity for Ethiopia to open up its culture and history to the world, Abiy stated, and noted “we have reached an agreement for employing 10,000 Ethiopians in just few weeks.”

Dubai Expo 2020 Managing Director, Reem Al Hashimi said on his part that Ethiopia has been among the UAE strong partner countries.

“Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been at the forefront of transformation and change. We are especially keen on making sure that Ethiopian talent, human resources, expertise is also part of our journeys together,” she pointed out.

Moreover, Al Hashimi noted “we are working now with the team to make sure that in the next couple of months as we finalize this site and make sure we have the caliber and the quality that is necessary that we actually work with Ethiopian talent we will be able to attract this talent.”

Dubai is the first city in the Middle East to host such a large-scale convention. EXPO 2020 is a ground-breaking event for the United Arab Emirates even for the Gulf countries at large.