PM Holds Discussion with Needy Ethiopian Women in UAE


February 15/2020 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy held discussion with 53 sheltered Ethiopian women who ended up in unfortunate circumstances and violence in the United Arab Emirates. 

Ethiopian women who have become successful in their lives in Middle East countries also took part in the discussion to share their experiences.

During the occasion, the premier said the government is working hard to improve the livelihood of Ethiopians living in Middle East countries.

He stressed that this issue is his major agenda during his stay in UAE.

Abiy told the women that anyone of them who is unable to come home due to financial problems can return with him.

The PM promised that he will discuss their pleas with high government officials of the UAE during his stay.   

He has also instructed Ethiopian embassies and missions in surrounding countries to prioritize the issue of citizen’s dignity.

Culture and Tourism Minister Hirut Kassaw, Peace Minister Mufriat Kemil, and Revenues   Minister Adanech Abebee attended the discussion.