Continent Must Eliminate Conflict, Terrorism, Lawlessness: African Officials


Addis Ababa ,February 15/2020 (ENA) Africans should eliminate conflict, terrorism, and lawlessness which hinder economic development in the continent by investing on youth, participants of 33th AU Summit said. 

Senior Private Secretary to Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Thabo Thakalekoala said “we have seen Africa plunging to some sort of chaos” in recent years.

Noting that there are lots of armed conflicts in different part of the continent, he said “it is (therefore) high time that African leaders and Africans make sure to fight against conflict, terrorism and any kind of lawlessness.”  

Unless Africans fight terrorism, the youth that are the majority in the continent will have no opportunity to contribute to the development of their countries and Africa, he added.

In this regard, African leaders should work on youth, create jobs and enhance their engagement in peace, security and development on the continent, the private secretary observed.

According to him, the African Continental Free Trade Area is very crucial to intra-African trade and “ allowing conflict to go on indefinitely would hamper continental free trade area agreement.”

Head for West and Central Africa Region African Capacity Building Foundation Office, Bakary Kone said on his part all kinds of effort should be used to stop conflicts.

“I think the real efforts should be put on prevention conflict, and the best way to prevent conflict is to work on the youth,” he underscored.

Giving opportunities for the youth in all areas they deserve, including business, decision-making and other areas is vital to reduce conflict on the continent.  

“When they can lift up their own lives they will not be tempted by conflicts,” the head said, adding that his institution is going to create opportunity for youth to engage in business and help them understand what the root cause of conflicts are.

Kone noted that if the youth are given the maximum opportunities they will create peace.

Uganda Member of Parliament, Professor Morris Ogenga Latigo said ensuring peace and security on the continent must start by changing the politics of Africa.

Empowering young people to be more effective is of paramount importance in their endeavor to promote peace, development and democracy in their countries, he added.

Professor Latigo applauded PM Abiy’s efforts in promoting peace and security in the Horn of Africa, especially between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

“He demonstrated the sense of acceptance that we can work together,” he said, adding that it is important that every leader in Africa ensures peace and security.

According to him, the effort is exemplary to other leaders to build peace, regional and economic integrati