ECW Global Fund Launches 165 Mn USD Education Programme


ENA,February 14/2020 Education Cannot Wait (ECW) has launched a three-year programme that will provide education for 746,000 children affected by crises in Ethiopia.

Out of the total 165 million USD alloted for the programme, ECW announced a seed grant of 27 million USD that will support initial efforts today.

ECW Director Yasmine Sherif said on the occasion that the seed fund will target more than 64,000 children in 17 woredas of Amhara, Oromia, and Somali regions.

According to her, the programme is designed to address the specific challenges holding back access to quality education of children and youth in communities where children are left behind due to violence, drought, displacement and other crises.

“Working with the government and all our ECW partners, this investment provides protective learning environments and inclusive quality education to girls and boys living in very difficult circumstances,” she pointed out.

The children have a right to develop and thrive, the director said, adding that there is however a chance to ensure that no child in Ethiopia is left behind by working together in mobilizing all the required resources.

Education State Minister, Tsion Teklu said on her part Ethiopia has an estimated 1.4 million displaced, returnee, and refugee children, mostly resulting from conflicts and natural disaster. Of these 1 million are out of schools.

Currently, 107 schools are destroyed, 621 damaged, and 282 closed, she revealed.

In this regard, more resources are needed to address these challenges, and the government is committed to create better condition for children and youth.

The three-year program by ECW will be implemented in 44 priority woredas in seven regional states, it was learned.

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is the first global fund dedicated to education in emergencies. To date, ECW investments span in over 30 countries affected by armed conflict, disaster and forced displacement.